Out of Sight, out of Mind

March 25, 2018

A constantly increasing demand on us as people of the 21st century and impractical expectations from peers, friends, and family, we have involuntarily ceased to live the precious moments in the here and now. Life is continually happening all around, waiting for us to witness it, and despite our latest innovations and technological advancements, blindness has set in. And yet with all the problems of this era, our Earth continues to spin, Sun continues to shine, and flowers continue to blossom every single day without a hiccup. But it seems that life is out of sight, out of mind for the majority of us.

Connecting with life, while shedding off unnecessary emotional luggage; experiencing life as a guest whose clock is ticking, and capturing it before time runs out is what a true artist strives to accomplish. Unfortunately, it’s harder than it has ever been in human history as there are opposite and even more powerful forces at work. The race for the most “likes”, the pursuit of unrealistic perfection, the struggle to acquire more and more, the unrest caused by our constant exposure to celebrity-driven social media driving us to a level of obsession is eroding our soul. The sad part is that it has replaced the meaning of life for us, and we continue to pursue the meaningless by trading the meaningful.

Ayun, Pakistan


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